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TOEFL Essay #134: Is reading and writing more important now than it was in the past?


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What to write about for a good score:

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We should be sure to mention specifically what has changed from the past to the present. For example, we could say that the much of the world's economy has moved from one based on agriculture to one based on industry and that we are now moving into one that is based on information. We should also explain how literacy is key to education and raising one's social status. Finally, we should note that the amount of knowledge necessary in today's industrialized world is much higher than it was in the past.

Most common error with this essay topic:

The essay topic asks the writer to explain the difference between now and the past. Most people did not explain why literacy skills were or were not important in the past or what exactly has changed over the years. Some people said that reading and writing was not very important anymore simply because we can watch TV or listen to the radio. Such a statement overlooks the relationship between reading and writing and becoming an educated person.

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TOEFL Essay Samples: #134: Is reading and writing more important now than it was in the past?

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