What is the most important plant in your country?

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Plants can be considered the support of the life on Earth, due to their main feature: they are continuously providing oxygen because of photosynthesis process. Moreover, most plants are useful to people in many other different ways.

In my country, Romania (located in South-Eastern Europe), we consider wheat the most important plant.

During centuries, our ancestors had to fight numerous invaders in order to protect our most precious wealth: wheat. Until World War II, Romania had been considered the most important wheat producer of the entire continent. Unfortunately, after the war, my country was invaded by Soviet troops, having a sole purpose: stealing. They stole everything they found: money, jewelry, cars, industrial equipment and, last but not least, food. During that period, wheat flour was considered the most precious asset a person could own.

After the 60’s, the situation returned to normal. Regrettably, however, wheat paddocks were considered a source for obtaining merchandise to be sold abroad, in return for foreign currency meant to fulfill Ceausescu’s insane plans for “the new communist era”. Dozens of trains full of wheat berries crossed our borders, while Romanian people were starving, fighting for a loaf of wheat bread.

After the collapse of communism, everybody believed that things would return to normal. However, another problem occurred. Irresponsible people stole most irrigation equipments (pumps, pipes), so wheat production has been continuously decreasing.

At present, wheat is still considered a precious gift of nature given to our people. Thousands of people working in agriculture are treating this plant as the most important thing in their lives.

I hope that, sometime, all my nationals will give wheat the importance it deserves.