What is the most important plant in your country?

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Hundreds of thousands of plans grow in my country because of its good climate and geographic position. And it is not surprising that my county is well known all over the Europe with its delicious and natural raised fruits and vegetables, such as peaches, apples, and potatoes. Moreover, people of my country enjoy having many herbs and spices which help them in cooking. However, in my opinion, the most important plan in my country is the wheat. In is not only because the grain production is the most famous and developed agriculture branch but also because the wheat is the connected with our eating habits, our culture and our distinction as a nation.

First of all, the wheat is the staple for most of the people  of my country. There are a lot of places on territory of my country with good climate and soil where wheat and other grain products can grow abundantly, so people choose wheat as their staple food. People eat bread and other bakery products on every meal they have. Indeed, almost each person gets for breakfast sandwich, pancakes or the famous baked rolls called "baniza". Moreover, nobody can imagine to have his lunch without slice of bread or small polled breads. And for dinner he got bread or other bakery products again on side to his home made meal.

Second, the wheat bread is the traditional meal of my county. In fact, wheat bread or wheat beens are always on celebrations and big events. There is no wedding without a big round bread for the bride and groom, christening without bread with fortune pieces inside, or funeral without cooked wheaten beens. Moreover, even in history books is written that when the R army liberated our country at the
nineteen centuries, people meet soldiers with wheat bread and salt. Even now, on some big meetings when many relatives get together, there is bread in front of
the door of the host, and everybody has to chop a piece of the read and eat it to show respect to the gathering and people of the family tree.

In conclusion, wheat is symbol of our nation. It is important for people of my country not only because it is their staple food but also because it is in their culture. Wheat is always and will always be a part of our nationality.