What is the most important plant in your country?

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Chiquita, the name brand that most people see here in North America when they go get some bananas at the supermarket, is the mark for all the bananas produced at the Chiriqui Land Co. What not so many people know is that those bananas are from my country, Panama, where the plantation of this fruit means a very important income into our economy.

The production of bananas in Panama is one of the most important in the country. Since the beginning of the last century, native Indians from Panama have worked in the plantation of bananas. Thus, it means this has been a way to bring some income to all these homes and to the national economy, too.

The plantation of bananas means millions and millions of dollars to our economy every year. The bananas are not only for the local consumers, but also to be exported. The exportation of bananas not only to The United States but to many other countries is a source of money to our internal economy. Therefore, it means more school, hospitals and other benefits for the local population.

The quality of the banana plants and their product are excellent. Quality control is very demanding and meets the excellence of ISO 900. The banana plant is protected with a special plastic that covers the whole plant from all kind of insects and other animals. The bananas are washed and packed in boxes, where they keep the fresh and delicious smell and taste to be exported later on.

For the quality, excellence and delicious sweet flavor that only the bananas have, is what makes it the most important plant in my country and which means millions of dollars every year into our economy.