What is the most important plant in your country?

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Nowadays, there are more than million kinds of plant on earth. Most plants are on the land, but some plants are under the water. All of them, in addition, are crucial to animal and human who cannot produce their food. All the food they eat comes directly or indirectly from plants. However in Thailand, rice seems to be the most important plants in many ways.

Rice has been the staple food for Thai people for a long time. As soon as Thai Kingdom was established, the phrase “fish in the water, rice in the farm” had been said. Nearly all the population of Thailand lives partly or almost entirely on a rice diet. Thai people also eat other food with rice, but they always call it “with-rice”. In Thailand, it can say that rice has the same meaning as meal.

Moreover, rice is the most economical plant, and more than the half of Thailand’s income comes form rice. Even the Kingdom of Thailand is sometimes called the rice granary of Southeast Asia. In recent decades Thailand was the only country that was able to export large quantities of rice to other countries year after year.

Incidentally, rice concerns some Thai culture. When greeting one another, Thai people do not say, “How do you do?” or “How are you?” Instead they say, “Have you eaten rice today?” This expression is used because there is nothing better than being happy with rice. Every year, Thai farmers have a rice ceremony that they think it can make their rice has high rate of production. Furthermore, rice has long been a symbol of fertility because of its large production.

In conclusion, rice plant is relative to Thai people. Not only does it the main food and the vital exported plant of Thailand, but it is the most frequent thing that Thai people say about as well. I believe that rice will have been the most important plant for Thai people for many centuries.