TOEFL Essay #003: Food is now easier to prepare. Is this a good thing?


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Some ideas of what to write about for a good score:

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This type of food is usually not as nutritious as fresh food.

This type of food is usually more expensive than fresh food.

Preparing this type of food is usually much faster than preparing food "from scratch."

Cooking is a time when we can spend time with our families. If we spend less time cooking, we will spend less time with our families.

Cooking can also be a form of relaxation that we will lose if we spend less time cooking.

This type of food is a reflection of the pressures and stress of life in modern cities.

Having the option to prepare food more quickly can actually contribute to stress in our lives since we will feel the pressure to do more in less time by using these foods.


Most common errors with this essay topic:

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  • Failure to restate the topic is one of the most common errors that TestMagic sees in most essays. For example, many essays start like this: "I agree with this point..." We need to say something like this: "I agree that having food that is easy to prepare has improved our lives."
  • Many essays talked about the importance of good nutrition. This point is related to the topic, but it is only a point, not the topic. In other words, we should not write an entire essay about the importance of good nutrition, just one paragraph.
  • Some essays talked about the dangers of the technology associated preparing food, like radiation from a microwave oven. This is a minor point and should not be developed in the essay.