Is progress always a good thing?

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As there's an old saying "Practice makes perfect",I totally agree with the statement. Quiet a few peole may disagree with it because of its long period to make things right,and other petty things though.

I've experienced lots of events or some meeting situations,since I've been a captain in my class,and it was a really tough thing to make my friends harmonious. That means that whenever I had to extract only one opinion out of fifty friends' of mine, I felt the limitness of my ability to control my class. Because I wanted my friends to follow my opinion to make progress simple and easy, I usually quarrel with them,and make things scattered and more confused.

Therefore I realized that the progress is inevitable in social life and I changed my thought. After that, I could control my class much more easier than before actually. Through several discussions and debates,my friends and I could learn to repect other people's opinions and that make things much better and easier after all ,which means we managed to sustain generosity in our minds that made the whole situation smoothe and cheerful.

Therefore I think progress is always a good thing in retrospect of my past experiences that I refered above.