Is progress always a good thing?

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Alll over the world people are welcoming progress into their home, their business and their education. Larg corporations use progress in technology, industries use progress in their manufacture process. How ever, when we think about in larger picture, it is clear that progress can be damaging in some cases. We as asociety have to check ourselfs once and a while to make sure, that the progress is not making to much damage to certain communities around the world.

Speaking as a member of avery spacial community called a Kibbutz, which used to provid to our poeple from the agriculture products we grow in our own feilds, and sell in markets. When progress came to our country, many industries got stronger, and farmers like ourselfs found their selfs without a future for their agriculture investment, that they worked and built for years. In this case progress has damaged a larg community, and made them face a hard finencial fueture.

Another unfourtunate veiw on progress, is the use of computures to entertain children. In the year 2000, when every home has adopted the progress in computures, children find themselfs sitting long hours infront of the compure instead of playing outside or inviting friends over. This way of spending to much time on the computure is very damaging to thier social skills, and even a reason for weight gain amoung young children.

After looking at a differnt aspects of progress, i can say clearly, that progress has to be supervised. That in some cases progress is making a big damage for our society. People sould welcome progress in many feilds of life, but always have your eyes open for littel "land mines" that could make an unreversable situation and future.