Is progress always a good thing?

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Some people say that progress is always a good thing. I think that it is not really true. I n this essay, I will argue against this view. I agree to that progress make our life good, but not ' always'.

The progress in technology sometimes give us negative impact on our life. Since industry revolution happened in Europe, Technological development has ever made our life more and more convenient, at same time, it also impact negatively on the world. Let us take automobile as an example. After automobiles were invented. the transportation has been improved very much, but simultaneously, our environment has been polluted badly with discharging waste gas, and situation becomes worse and worse. Second example is progress in chemical industry and medicine manufacture. These kinds of products provide us plastic products that have improved our routine life, such as plastic kitchen utensils and plastic bag used in supermarket. On the other hand, when these products were produced , a lot of waste material spewed out to atmosphere and into the river. this negative effect is great influence on our earth.

some technological progress will be subject to a disaster to human being. Everybody in the world has known that nuclear weapon that some country has kept can destroy our world many times. Majority of scientist just wanted to provided a new power resource for people's life, it will be a clean, free of pollution and high efficient power source in fact, it indeed is our current useful power power resource. However, huge threat is in front of us, a single disagreement between the super power countries can trigger the disaster. In this case, the negative impact of the progress in nuclear technology will outweigh the advantage of that.

Based on abovementioned, I will be in favor of that progress is not always a good thing, sometimes it will give us negative impact.