Is progress always a good thing?

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Good writing, but misses the point--the essay represents the disadvantage of progress as something that might cause jealousy or envy in others.


Progress is, by definition, an improvement or a gradual development in a status of something. I believe that progress is a good thing as far as it does not create enemies amongst people. In this essay, I am going to clarify this.

When someone takes a step forward in particular field, people say "He is doing a great progress!" For example, when somebody gets cured from certain illness and shows good signs of improvement in health, it is the progress in his health. Students make progress after working hard on the subject. Workers achieve a good position in the company. It is their progress which gives them satisfaction and a good pay scale. This way progress is a thing which gives man satisfaction, happiness, wealth, power or honor.

However, sometimes this progress may be an unpleasant thing. It can be a reason of antipathy towards somebody who is getting ahead of us. It has been observed in the organizations that some employees have intense dislike for their successful fellow employees. This feeling creates anger and in some cases eventually a crime. Here starts the race and worries to stay ahead in this race. Sometimes the situation is opposite. This means, when one of us reaches to a high position, he could get a feeling of too much self importance and show disregard towards others.

Well, as described above, in my opinion, progress is a pleasant thing until it does not create evils amongst us. We should admire others for their progress, then it is not too far from us also.