Is progress always a good thing?

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Certainly, fifty years ago life was not as easy at it seems to be now. Communication, technology, medicine, living standards are incredibly different from the ones our parents and great parents got to know. Progress is a phenomenon that amazes us day after day and it is without hesitation a daily concern.

Our lives have turn to be easy going, not really demanding and comfort has just become a daily duty. Computers, cellular phones, and the most advanced technology is invading our privacy, and seem to be more than necessary to keep us going. Years, ago their needs were not as much as ours now, they could live, with
less comfort but with more peace, and the stress to obtain materials goods was not a priority in lives.

It is true the fact that progress changed our parents passive world into our daily active one, based in incomes and in competitions. It is good to feel we are part of this new world, capable to offer a great variety of options, capable to let us choose our best. Live without progress, in all senses would not be a life, and the challenging spirit of men would not be meaningful with not progress at all.