bIs progress always a good thing?

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On-topic, but but would be stronger with more development in the third and fourth paragraphs.


I disagree of that statement because progress brings whit it a lot of good things but it also brings wrong ideas about our world and ourselves.

Throughout the years the human beings have got a lot of progress both in science and technology, which it has increased the understanding of our world and it has made our lives easier and comfortable. Only if you think in your home and all of the things you have in there, like microwave ovens, blenders, washing and drying machines, etc, you can find many examples of what man has got with new inventions and technologies. So it is medical researches that have found the cure for so many diseases that were before a sure death .

However, progress has led to develop many devices not good for humanity, like the massive destruction weapons, that are opposite to the principal right of the human beings: the right to live.

Hence, that it is important to think about progress in both sides good and not so good things when you evaluate its role for the people.