Is progress always a good thing?

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Some good ideas and writing, but "misses the point."


I don't think progress is always a good thing. Instead, it can be obstacles if we cannot deal well with it.

Sometimes, progress may keep people from learning from others. If we take too much pride in our progress, being too satisfied with it, we may stop improving. The thought of self-important may evokes, and thus keep us from being modest. People may begin to contempt the other people, not willing to listen to the ideas of others, and result in stay in the same position until they realize the problem. As we all know, China was once the leading country in the world in history, many nations admired the advanced technique in China at those days. So the kings took great pride in it, and became to be so self important that they decided to close the door to communicate with other countries during Qing Dynasty. Then we lost the opportunity to learn from others and we are left behind now.

The second, progress may cause jealousy from others and the progress-maker may be isolated. This happens most in the working environment. Progress will bring advantages such as position-promoted or salary-raised, this may caused trouble if the workmates envy you. That will be too bad.

So, if we make some progress, we must be aware of either ourselves or the people around us, to be modest, and to be alert with the potential plot lying ahead.