TOEFL Essay #039: Is progress always a good thing?


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Like most things, progress is neither all good nor all bad. Progress has brought great advancements in standards of living, but it has also caused great damage to the Earth and its people in the form of environmental damage and more effective weaponry.


Most common error with this essay topic:

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"Missing the point."

Some essays claim that progress is always a good thing, for example, in school or in one's career, but fail to talk about the sacrifices or disadvantages involved in making that progress.

Other essays missed the point in another way--they discussed how advancing in one field might coincidentally lead to misfortune, for example, moving to a new city because of a promotion at work and dying in a car accident in the new city. Such an event is not truly related to the progress; rather, it is simply an unfortunate coincidence.

Still other essays did not discuss "progress;" rather, they discussed "success" and the advantages and disadvantages of success rather than the advantages and disadvantages of progress.


TOEFL Essay Samples: #039: Is progress always a good thing?

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