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TestMagic Virtual TOEFL: Structure #27

You should take 15 minutes to finish this exercise. You can check your answers here to see the answers when you are finished.

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1. Bacteria commonly inhabit food preparation surfaces and they therefore often being unsanitary in kitchens.

2. The smaller of all nine planets in the solar system is Pluto.

3.  Anthropology is necessity concerned with the human development, specifically in those areas relating to social customs and beliefs and biology.

4. Cotton was one of the first major agricultural industries establishment in North America after the arrival of the Europeans.

5. Without the development of a calendar predicting onset of the seasons would not be possible.

6. The common strawberry propagates not with the seeds it has on its skin instead by sending out slender growths called runners into the soil.

7. The primary function of any business is to generate a profit, motivating managers running their operations as efficiently as possible.

8. During working as a scientist and chemist, Lucise Nexisa discovered over 450 uses for the peanut and other agricultural products.

9. While both are members of the citrus family, the lemon is different from the grapefruit in that it is smaller and bitter.

10. The notion that an infant's brain is a tabula rasa or "blank slate" is one that has been expressed by many developmental psychologies for decades.

11. Consisting almost entirely of organic material, coal results from the compaction of decayed plants over million of years.

12. In 1843 Norbert Rillieux patented a vacuum sugar evaporation system that removed the liquid from sugar cane juice more efficiency that the open-kettle systems then in use.

13. Like cabbage, kale is a leafy vegetable, but its leaves are loose rather than formed in compact head.

14. Weighing less than gram at birth, infant kangaroos are reared in their mothers' pouches from birth to roughly seven to ten months.

15. The term ground refers to an electrical conductor that completes an electrical circuit by connection to earth.

16. Among the largest and most distant from the 48 lower states are Alaska, more than ten degrees north of the northernmost state in the Continental United States.

17. Martha Graham started dance career when she founded the Modern Dance Company in Chicago in the latter part of the 20th century.

18. No machine that claims to defy the laws of physics by running forever without source of energy has ever been patented at the United States Patent Office.

19. Poet and novelist Maya Angelou's fascinating with language began when she was still her childhood.

20. Although it is commonly believed that sharks do not sleep, they have been observed to experience period of activity and inactivity that would roughly correspond to the human notion of periods of sleep and waking.

21. More than just lodgings for travelers, colonial inns and taverns also served as social gathering place for people who had little means of communication with surrounding areas.

22. While more easily digested by those weak digestive systems, goat's milk is surpassed in popularity in the United States by cow's milk.

23. Jazz singer Lena Horne made one of her earliest film appearances in 1938 in The Duke is Tops, playing lead role of Ethel Andrews.

24. Some colonial mills have weathered the elements well specifically because they were constructed from substances durable than wood.

25. So-called Silicon Valley, home to Stanford University and to some of the United States' foremost high technology corporations, is a loosely defined area in the Santa Clara Valley in Northern California.

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