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Test 7, Section 1: Reading Passage,  #17 to 19

This passage was kind of hard to understand, so I wrote a simplified version of it.


GRE English


First Paragraph
1st stc Great comic art represents the real world that we live in and shows that good and evil are not easily defined.

Great comic art relates directly to the world of humankind. It should not be mysterious or hard to understand. Great comic art admits that ambiguity exists in the world, that sometimes the distinction between right and wrong is not clear. It does not say that whatever is not good is automatically evil.

2nd stc The truth is different for every person.

When a great comic artist writes, she will show the truth in many different ways and show how different people act differently in similar situations. She will therefore show how people are different or act differently in normal social situations. She will not try to explain that people are different by explaining that other influences, like religion or nature cause these differences.

3rd stc Great comic art shows us that it is natural to make mistakes.

Great comic art is successful if we realize that we will always mistakes and that we are not gods, even if we sometimes seem to think we are.

4th stc Comic artists see themselves as people who are rational, yet still have emotions.

The people who write comic art see themselves as humans who are intelligent and they do not try to ignore their human emotions even if they are trying to act rationally.

5th stc Great comic art gives us hope.

Great comic art makes us realize that we can perhaps achieve many of our goals by using our human intellect and that we do not need to look for a religion in our lives to reach our dreams. Great comic art shows us that humans have great potential as humans.

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